Harrison AKA DJ Goldi

Harrison aka DJ Goldi grew up around music and was fortunate to have a great education in Jazz from some of the best jazz mentors in the Gainesville, FL area like Roger Nubern, Ed Legare, Larry Schott, and Jason Stahl. He loves DJ-ing because he get to use the knowledge he gained from those cats to create a fun time for dancers to express themselves to some roaring music. As for why he goes by Goldi? (like really, how many Harrisons do you know?) Well that’s a story from his college days, but in short he did rock the long blonde hair look for a time. 

The Goldi rock star/surfer Look

The Goldi rock star/surfer Look

Time in Florida:

In College I picked up Swing Dancing as a hobby, but it wasn't until post grad that I found DJ-ing.  For a time, I was the DJ and Music Coordinator in Gainesville, FL.  There I gain experience training new DJs and a love of spreading the music of Swing, Jazz, and many other genres.  Also I've done a few DJ workshop days and loves helping new DJs be able to provide quality practices to their respective scenes and build them up.  If you are interested in a workshop day or the material please contact me.

The Trifecta of Lindy, Bal, and Blues are what I like to DJ.  I have experience in providing the music for competition prelims and can provide samples to organizers interested in a competition DJ.  Interested in a sample set, check out the Music Page.

Currently, I now reside in the South Missouri Area, close to St Louis.  I aim to find scenes in the area and workshop events to work at.  Don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested in a DJ familiar with Lindy Hop, Blues, and Balboa Music.