Shirts are here!

Help fund Lindy Focus

That's right, when you are out of breath and need a shirt to convey your desire to dance, there is now this shirt with "Ask Me To Dance" on it.  Not only does this awesome shirt help you get more dances, but you'll be helping a dancer go to Lindy Focus 2017, the best Lindy Hop dance event in the country.  (Also this is a limited time design, thus pick one up before the design goes away.) 

Ok enough of the sales pitch... Like the subtitle states, what I make on this shirt will go to funding the trip to Lindy Focus 2017.  What's Lindy Focus?  Focus is a week long workshop of many types of Swing Dancing, primarily Lindy Hop.  By purchasing this awesome shirt, not only will you help me get to Focus but will get a shirt to help you or the dancer you know get asked to dance more.   Thanks for your support and see everyone at Focus. -DJ Goldi