Project Micro Mix

What is Project Micro Mix?

Micro Mix, is a Tool to help DJs have better control over their sets and be an on the go solution.  The concept is have a small mixer like tool that you can just throw in a gear bag or a backpack and have on you to aid in your usual night time gig or take with you to do a flash mob in the park.     

Currently Micro Mix is being researched and developed in the South Missouri Ozarks.  But more help and input is needed.  If you are a DJ, please fill out the form below to aid in the R&D efforts.  

Research form Link.

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Micro Mix was presented at the 2018 Pitch Fest put on by the Ozarks Small Business Incubator Entrepreneur Potential and Innovation Collaboration (OzSBI and EPIC respectively).

The concept took 2nd place overall.  The Prize Money is going to R&D and consulting with local business mentors. 

More updates will come when they are known.


Presented at the first EPIC knockout round on April 11, 2018

Presented again at the EPIC 2nd knockout round on April 18, 2018

Selected as a Finalist to present on May 2, 2018.

Placed 2nd overall on May 2, 2018.

As of May 21, 2018

[] Alpha prototype design in process.

[] Currently looking at crowd funding platforms.

[] Survey v2 is collecting data to pitch to potential investors

[] Email list is live, join it here.



Q) What kind of tool is Micro Mix?

A) The current designs have it being a device you put in line between your audio source and your mixer.

Q) Who is Micro Mix geared for?

A) Micro Mix is being designed for the everyday DJ, audio enthusist/hobbist, and kids interested in the Audio field.

Q) Why are you in the Ozarks?

A)  "Because we live here."  My favorite answer from Ted Landers, the founder of PEI, a successful Nationwide business in the area.  In a similar stance to his point, Micro Mix is being developed here as this is where I currently live.  If I lived in ___ then that is where I'd be working on this.

Q) Why isn't my questions listed here?

A) Because we didn't think of that.  Contact us, and ask away.  We'll add it to this FAQ to help others like you in the future.