Project JDFXR

What is Project JDFXR?

It is a dancer focused project for the city of Gainesville, FL.

The project's acronym stands for Just Dance Florida Crossroads. Since the closing of the UTC back in 2016, many dance groups have been displaced and had to relocate to new venues in the Gainesville area. While the new venues were found, the college student attendance in these dance scenes have dropped significantly. The project's focus has been on finding a venue location that has a similar accessibility for College Students.

Originally known as FLX, Florida Lindy Crossroads for the Lindy Hop scene, there are many dance groups in the area that have expressed interest in this idea of a dancer focused space. JDFXR now includes those in the Blues, Balboa, and Collegiate Shag Scenes, and there is hope for more styles of dance to join.

We are currently working on finding out the needs of the local dance scenes while looking at potential spaces.

1 Million Cups Presentation

After presenting the idea at 1 Million Cups Gainesville on May 14, 2017, a direction has been established. We are aiming to create a local committee with representatives from the major Dance Scenes.  These scenes include but are not limited to the Lindy Hop, Salsa, Blues, West Coast, Balboa, Shag, GODS, and other Scenes.  With this committee we aim to address the needs of the local scenes and hope to find the right solutions to these needs.  One of the first goals is to figure out how much space each social dance and respective dance group requires to dance.  One of the next goals will be to work with local venue owners in finding these space requirements.  Eventually we want to find a space that can act as a hub for dance scenes to use. 

Learn more about 1 Million Cups here:

View the Presentation here: (audio is a little soft)



Q) Why does "X" or" XR" mean crossroads in our acronyms?

A) Gainesville's city limits is a functional intersection of the surrounding 4 major cities of Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Tampa, and Orlando. Our city has been a crossroads for holding dance events over the past few years bringing North Florida and South Florida dancers together.  

Q) Where can I learn more about the Dance Groups in the Gainesville Area?

A) We are working on building a webpage with all of the groups in the area.  You can learn about the Swing Dancing/Lindy Hop scene in the "Events" tab. However, for the moment using your web browser to search is your best bet.  We aim to have a web page up by early to mid July containing links to all the surrounding dance groups.  

Q) Since you state you want to work with local venues, who will own this Dance Hub?

A) As mentioned it is a goal.  Hopefully it will be dancer owned so it can be dancers focused, however that goal is a little ways down the road for us.  Right now we are focusing on building the volunteer committee to discuss the needs of the current dance scenes, and networking with venue owners as well as the city to address the needs for good dance space.

Q) How do I get involved?

A) Go to our Contact Page (far right tab up top) and send us an email.  Please include "Involve" or "involvement" in the subject line.

Q) Where/When can I get some cool shirts like you have?

A) We have merch.  Most of it is being redesigned for 2018, but old designs are still on the Merch Page.  If you want one of those, please contact me.

Q) Why isn't my questions listed here?

A) Because we didn't think of that.  Contact us, and ask away.  We'll add it to this FAQ to help others like you in the future.

More to come soon.